Be Seen From Great Heights and In High-Traffic Areas!

Let’s face it, many businesses are located in areas where traffic is either busy or moving too quickly to see a smaller sign. In these cases, feather banners come through in a big way. They’re scaled up sufficiently and can be put much closer to the road than most other signs because their footprint is comparatively small to other types of signage. They rise above distractions to tell passers by that you’re NOW OPEN! or have a great new product offering. We have seen these used for high school sporting events, restaurant grand openings, special sales at cell phone shops, and many other instances. The only limitation is your imagination! Pro tip: try to keep the message simple and to the point!

Do you have a flag pole at your home or business location? Why not get a custom flag if you can’t find just the right fit or size for what you’re looking for? Get that family crest flying proudly! Or maybe your scout troop wants to represent alongside the stars and stripes. As with everything else, the only limits here are your imagination! Call us to discuss further at 847-742-9530!