We at Signs By Tomorrow know that a good banner can help boost any business or get a message out.

Banners can be economical and adaptive to meet any need. Whether for a community event, a celebration, promotion, real estate, or more, a banner can be customized for whatever size of a job.

Our standard grades of banner are:

13 oz: The most common banner material used, for general purposes can be used anywhere.

15 oz: A step above 13oz, the 15oz banner offers a smooth finish. Great for more professional settings, such as pop-up banners and in-store displays.

18oz: The heaviest gauge, this is often recommended for utility purposes as it’s least likely to tear. Commonly used for street pole banners.

Mesh: While lighter, this banner offers the best defense against wind (and there’s no defense against extreme conditions) as it allows wind to pass through it.

Fabric: Great for table skirts and other indoor applications if you want a different look and feel for your graphic displays. Ask us more about it!

Stretched Canvas: If you want to display your graphics with artistic flair, this is the choice for you! You can also re-create your favorite works of art and hang them on your wall. You don’t even need a frame because the artwork wraps completely over the edge of the custom-made stretcher. A truly modern way to display your artwork.

As with all these types we also offer options to support the banner or your needs:

Grommets: At no extra charge, grommets can be added to create a reinforced anchor point for hanging or rope.

Reinforced Edging: We bleed color past the edge of your design to create a folded edge to add stability and double the edge strength to your banner.

Pole Pockets: Whether it is for hanging or to be carried around, excess material matching the design can be added to allow a pole to be threaded through.

Rope: Similar to pole pockets, a small channel is added with support rope or webbing running through to be tied externally.

Sewn Edging: Recommend for outdoor banners that will be exposed to wind. Industrial stitching is used to reinforce the folded over edge, pole pocket, or rope.

Wind Slits: Half circle flaps are cut evenly about the banner, keeping the design intact, while allowing wind to pass through, reducing the wind shear on the banner.